Profile: Shogunna

Name: Shogunna
Ethnicity: Korean American
From: New York, USA

Intro: We caught up with Shogunna for the release of his new Mixtape "Free Hip-Hip".
 Interview: Shogunna
interviewed on April 21,2008

  1. What's up Shogunna, it's been about a year since you've spoken with Clubzen. What's new?

    First off; hope everybody is staying blessed and right for 08. I've been caught up with this new project that just came out; and I'm back in the lab to work on my first official LP. Besides that, just been living life the best way I can.

  2. This new mixtape, Free Hip-hop; how did you come up with the concept and what message are you trying to put out?

    I believe that hip hop has been in an entrapped state. The creativity and talent has been overlooked and unheard; and everything the public hears this day in time is one dimensional. That's why I came up with that title. Let's free the state that its in and make it universal like it always was.

  3. Fans can download this mixtape for free. What made you decide to give away the music like this?

    I wanted to give back to the fans and supporters who have been behind me, because without them there would be no Shogunna. This project is strictly for the people.

  4. Wouldn't this way of distributing your music cost you in the end since you won't be profiting from it?

    I was never worried about profit. I took many losses financially but that's the sacrifice one must take in order to achieve a goal. And when it comes to the supporters; I strongly believe one must give back to those who help you. Money is not an issue when it comes to a movement. It's about unity.

  5. The new video was filmed in Chinatown in New York City. Can you tell us how that came about?

    I recorded the For The People track and my management and I wanted a visual representation for this song. The Lunar New Years celebration was coming up in Chinatown and it was the perfect location to shoot the video. So that's how that came about.

  6. There's definitely a strong sense of Asian unity in the song and video. Has the reaction been mutual about that theme?

    There will always be mixed reactions and feelings about everything. But as long as the message gets across to the people I am content. Because all I 'm a messenger for the people.

  7. It seems you stay pretty active putting new music out. When will we get to see you doing more shows and being out there? I'm sure the fans want to know.

    Demand me and I shall be there.

  8. Is it still a priority for an artist to get signed, or is the independent route more sensible in these times? Which road are you currently on?

    I am definitely on an independent route because I have been doing this independently. Every artist has goals of being signed including me; but right now I have to give it all I got with the resources I have. So yea I am an independent artist trying to spread the message.

  9. Good luck with that. Is there one message you want to leave the readers with?

    Yeah, support the kid. I'm here to rep for the people. Help me help you take us to the forefront.

    SHOGUNNA - NOBODY from marcaux visual on Vimeo.

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