Profile: DJ SWB

Name: DJ SWB
Ethnicity: Chinese American
From: Brooklyn, New York

DJ SWB, one of New York's premier mixtape DJs, also known as the The Silver Screen DJ. He is most famous for his "This Is How We Do" DVD video mix series and for his large amount of celebrity guest and host on each DVD series. Past DVD host have included Tony Yayo, N.O.R.E., Paul Wall, Jim Jones, Yung Joc and Lupe Fiasco. His DVD mixtapes have also featured NBA star Ron Artest and Wrestling Mogul Hulk Hogan.

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interviewed on August 14,2007

  1. What's good SWB, introduce yourself to the people of Clubzen...

    Many people know me because of the success of my video mixtape series "This Is How We Do". Past host for the DVDs have included Jim Jones, Paul Wall, N.O.R.E., Lupe Fiasco, and Yung Joc, and as people know, each mixtape is absolutely crazy as far as the video quality and mixes. I have previews, trailers, and photos on for everyone to check out!

  2. You've just dropped a new DVD mix. What's different about this one compared to your previous mixes?

    For this DVD I was strictly focusing on Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas, three of the greatest artist of our time. I was trying to recreate that 1st time heard feeling and relive the glory years of hip-hop. I am breathing new life into all the artist and videos, and I think that's why the response has been so incredible so far.

  3. Even MTV and XXL magazine have caught notice of your DVDs, where do you plan to take your next efforts?

    Let me think, right now I'm hitting the studio to work on some video DVD projects for a few of the major record labels, I'm talking to party promoters about DJing a few events, I got a couple of clothing companies which are showing me sponsorships, and I'm in negotiations with some major TV networks about taking the video mix platform to broadcast TV!!

  4. The mixtape circuit has recently been under watch by music authorities. How do you feel that affects the hustle?

    It's absolutely crazy what is happening to the DJs and mixtape spots right now. They are making it hard on everybody, and only hurting the game. The DJs are here to support the artist and do free promotional work for everybody, so why are they trying to stop us?

  5. We don't see many Asian American DJs in the mixtape game, just mainly in the clubs. Why do you think that is?

    There's no clear cut answer. Some of the most talented DJs in NYC happen to be Asian and are definitely doing their thing in the clubs and the DJ battle scene. But it's two different worlds. Clubs is all about making people happy and allowing them to dance and listen to crazy music all night. Mixtapes are all about the grind, the hustle, and putting consistently hot product out in the streets. One thing I learned is that once the streets show u love, the rest will be history!!

  6. Were there any DJs in the scene that influenced you while coming up?

    Of Course, and many of them are club DJs who really taught me how much creativity can come from playing records. I have a ton of respect for guys like DJ Roli Rho and Daddy Dog from the 5th Platoon, DJ Irv, DJ Mike and DJ Melt, and everyone who just showed me how much you can do with a record.

  7. You've had some big names in the industry host your DVDs. Who are some of the artists that were easy to get along with and didn't give you the superstar treatment?

    Everyone's been real. I never ran into a problem with anyone whether it be Jim Jones, Akon, Hulk Hogan or Ron Artest. I believe real recognize real, so when people see you are doing your thing, it's going to be mutual.

  8. What about Asian American artists? Do you feel the DJs like yourself should be more inclined to give them the exposure they need?

    I've always been supportive of the Asian artists who are doing their thing and creating a buzz, Jin, Shogunna, Darun, LS, Snacky Chan. Whoever it be. But at the end of the day it comes down to whether or not it's a dope track that people want to hear. I would love to see an Asian rapper with success in the game, but it's up to them to make it happen. If it's hot, people will love it, not cause you are Asian, but because it's hot. Check my past mixtape history on , I got an Asian Finest mixtape that was only featuring Asian rappers from all over the country that I pressed up thousands of promotional copies to distribute at parties, just for the artists to all get their name out and be heard!

  9. There was a CD you did awhile back featuring many of the up and coming Asian American artists out there. Can we expect to see something like that again soon?

    Right now I'm in the studio working on some upcoming DVDs for labels and some new mixtapes, but if I ever did a part two, it would probably be a video DVD version!

  10. Thanks for time and looking forward to see more releases this year. Any advice for the up and coming DJs that want to get into the business?

    I always believe you need to study and learn from the greats that came before you, and then practice, practice, practice, and practice some more. Go to ClubZen and check out the DJs in the clubs, see what makes each one unique and hot in their own way, and try to learn from listening to other DJs. There is no limit on how far you can take the art of DJing, so it's really up to you. Oh yeah, and if you don't live in New York City, you better move there and hit up Aura, cause that's where it's at!

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