Profile: Bobby Lee

Name: Bobby Lee
Ethnicity: Korean American
From: San Diego, California

Bobby Lee is an American comedian most notable for his membership in the recurring cast of comedians on sketch comedy series MADtv, where he plays most of the Asian roles on the show.

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 Interview: Bobby Lee
interviewed on April 17,2007

  1. What's up Bobby! We love you in MadTV. Tell us a little about how you got into comedy.

    First of all, I didn't think I'd make it this far. I thought I'd be dead. No, seriously! I really got into it because I realized "you know, girls don't like me." So I started doing standup in La Jolla at 24

  2. Did you see yourself doing comedy growing up?

    Not really. There were no guys - that looked like me - DOING comedy when I was growing up. So no, I couldn't really SEE myself doing it anyway.

  3. How did you get involved with the up-coming movie, "Kickin It Old School"?

    Jaime Kennedy called me and said "I' want you to be in my movie. I'm dropping off the script." So he dropped it off by my door.. and it sat there. I didn't open it. I mean everyone says that, "I want you to be in my movie" I mean, who are you -Mr. Showbizness-guy?! Eh. Anyway, I'm sure they went ahead and offered to every other Asian in town: William Hung. Sung Kang, Sandra Oh. I finally came around the offices to read for it and they didn't call me back! A month passed by and one of the production execs called back to the office. I walked in:

      "Can you bring this character to life?"
      "You got it."

  4. In the movie you play Aki Terasaki, an office worker who was once part of Justin's group, "The Funky Fresh Boys". Was there any training involved In preparing yourself for this role?

    Preparation? Yes. We practiced A LOT with Shabadoo ("Ozone" from the films "Breakin'" & "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo"). A lot of red light / green light. I prayed a lot too.

  5. Can you actually break dance in real life, and if so, what is your most prominent move?

    I can, Some foot work.

  6. A lil uprock?

    No!! On the floor. A lil downrock!

  7. "Kickin It Old Skool" is almost a homage to the 80's, a time that you grew up in. Of the 80's icons that you got a chance to work with, who did you enjoy working with most, and why?

    ESTRADA. Erik Estrada is a leather-white toothed-sex machine. When you walk next him, middle-aged white women throw themselves at you. For real!

  8. Hanson Ng plays the younger version of you. Did you at any point want to kick his ass for "stealing your thunder", or at least want to kick his ass?

    No. because he's supposed to be ME?? and then he grows up to BE me?! Eh. I felt bad for him. He was a cute kid though.

  9. In the trailer, Darnell asks your hot Asian coworker what your chances are of sleeping with her. She responds "Zero percent." In real life, what are Bobby Lee's chances of sleeping with the actress who played your coworker?


  10. Did you actually sleep with her? And if so, please describe in detail.

    Yes. Because of Cocaine. <laughs hysterically>
    No. <suddenly serious> That is not true. I did not because of I am the Master and I am too good for her!

  11. It is apparent from your shirtless scene that you have an intense work out regimen. Can you give advice to the common people on how to maintain such a perfect physique?

    ALL CARBS. No fruit. No vegetables. A LOT of Big Gulps. Do not walk. Do not run.

  12. Jaime Kennedy is originally from Pennsylvania, and you were born in San Diego. How were you able to meet and tolerate the east coast Jaime despite your obvious pride for the west side?

    I ignore him. I LET him think that I'm listening and all. Deep down inside I know he's the boss and I have to LET him call the shots.. even though I'm down for the West.

  13. They say (and by "they" I mean the voices in my head) that acting is a person allowing their true self to emerge on screen or on stage.

    I don't know how to act. I just don't. I'm the worst ACTOR ever.

  14. During which scenes did you feel the most like yourself?

    All of 'em.

  15. On a different topic, we at Clubzen are always trying to promote Asian American artists in American media. How do you feel about the progress of Asian Americans in the the industry?

    I think it's like 10 percent better than it was in the 90's. The future is bright; especially with shows like "Lost", "Heroes", "Battlestar Galactica". "MadTV". It will get better.

  16. Thanks for taking time out with Clubzen. Any upcoming projects you will be part of in the near future?

    Well, I got movies and upcoming auditions. Got some stuff in the works for Comedy Central too. Maybe I'll apply to wait tables for the tips.

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