Profile: Rookadamus (R.O.O.K)

Name: Rookadamus (R.O.O.K)
Ethnicity: Korean American
From: Chicago, Illinois

Album Title: "Hell Is Empty & All The Devilz Are Here"
Album Label: Dynasty Muzik
Album Released: 11/07/06
Album Website:

Bio from his website:
Rookadamus also known as R.O.O.K.(Real Outlook on Knowledge) is simply put, a 'diamond in the rough.' Untainted by the politics of the music industry, Rook's music and story resonates realness. Born and raised in Chicago, Rook found himself surrounded in difficult circumstances at an early age. As a youth, Rookadamus found life on the streets an entertaining, profitable, yet dangerous place to be. Run-in's with the law caused a dramatic course of events for the young Rook which landed him behind bars. It was within these harsh confines that he first discovered his love and talent for free-styling.

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 Interview: Rookadamus (R.O.O.K)
interviewed on March 21,2007

  1. Coming out of Chicago, who's been your main influences when you got into rap?

    To tell you the truth the main influences I get when writing music is really from personal life experiences and everything that surrounds me. As far as dope Chicago music, I would say Twista, Do or Die, Psycho Drama and the entire Chicago underground artist spitting that real shit.

    "All I Know" [Street Video] - R.O.O.K. (Directed by the : Todd Angkasuwan)

  2. How is the Asian American hip-hop scene in Chi-town?

    There's a couple Asian cats in the city doing there thing, I would say it's constantly growing and evolving and hopefully manifest into something special.

  3. Do you feel any pressure coming out of a city synonymous with a big name in the industry that's forged a signature sound in hip-hop already?

    Not really, I don't feel any pressure when creating music; it's something that just comes freely to me. As far as a signature sound I think everybody has something new to bring to the table therefore I feel every artist has there own individual sound.

  4. Your music is very street-oriented. Do you think making a club-oriented song is sacrificing artistic integrity in return for some DJ support?

    I wouldn't go as far as saying sacrificing artistic integrity. But truthfully I ain't really been big with club music, although I would love to have a club hit. Most of my life has been dealing with street oriented issues so therefore naturally that's the music that pours out of me. I guess I'm jus gonna have to find the median between the two. Good question.

  5. You've performed at many shows before, which city was the most live and memorable performance for you?

    It's always live out on the westcoast. They party different than on the east. Actually, one of the most memorable events I recall was in Toronto. My first ever performance in Canada. It was nuts.

  6. To break any kind of stereotype of how Asian Americans are portrayed in the mainstream, have people looked at your music any different cause it's coming from the streets?

    I wouldn't say they looked at my music any different. I mean music is music, it's a universal language. It's a form of expression, I think a lot of people get shocked seeing an Asian do his thing with this street music 'cause it's not often you find one but I believe as time goes on we'll be seeing' a lot more talented Asian American musicians. It's only a matter of time.

  7. Ok, so where did you come up with the name Rookadamus?

    Originally the name was just R.O.O.K (Realistik Outlook On Knowledge). Rookadamus was created to separate myself from like the chess game piece, card games etc. I wanted people to be able to Google & You tube my name and find just me without having to go through a whole bunch of extra shit, nah mean.

  8. You are associated with Snacky Chan and his music affiliates, how did that come about?

    They somehow got a hold of the demo and later got in contact with me. I saw the things Dynasty Muzik was doing' and they put the offer on the table to help me put out my music. It was all love from there.

  9. Are you looking to go the independent route or get signed eventually and go the major route?

    We're independent right now but I mean if the right offer ever appears from the majors I'm sure all independent artists would love to fly through those channels.

  10. Your music video was a short teaser, are you expecting to come out with more full on produced material?

    I'm definitely looking forward to a full video. We kept the 'All I Know' video short to keep it within our concept. It wasn't like we ran out of budget and was forced to shoot only a certain amount of time. (Laughs) But yeah, I would love to give the people more visuals on the music I create.

  11. In this state of the music industry, where do you feel Asian American artists can fit in? Do you think there's even a spot to fill?

    There's a spot to fill for sure. We just need to stop trying to fit in and keep doing what we doing. Originality is everything and we can't conform to stereotypes and keep it moving. Anything given easy is taken away even easier.

  12. How do you feel about the crop of AA artists that's on the come up right now? Is it competition or is it a movement?

    I would definitely say that it's a movement. There are a lot of talented Asian Americans on the come up, we just need to stand together and show unity. Without unity there's no movement. There's definitely power in numbers, the real build wit the real, we just need to keep showing initiative and keep it moving with or without the majors. You can't stop what was meant to be.

  13. Thanks for taking time out with Clubzen. Any upcoming shows that you'll be a part of in the near future?

    I appreciate the time as well. I will definitely be rocking more shows in the near future. I got a few going on in NYC this April. Check me out on for any updates.

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