Profile: Jin Au-Yeung

Name: Jin Au-Yeung
Ethnicity: Chinese American
From: Miami, Florida

Bio from his website:
When asked what is the inspiration behind the "ABC" album, Jin simply replies, "This is more than just beats & rhymes. This is my identity."

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Album Title: "ABC"
Album Released: 02/20/07
Album Website:
 Interview: Jin Au-Yeung
interviewed on March 12,2007

  1. You've recently dropped an all Cantonese-Chinese album called ABC; how long has this project been in the making? And was the feedback what you expected going into this project?

    Actually, I didn't get the idea to record the album until late last year in 2006. I was out in Hong Kong for a gig and as I was coming back from Disney Land on one of our free days I was sitting on the subway and the proverbial light bulb just went off over my head. That's when I got the idea to do the ABC project. When I got back to the states I went to the studio immediately and the album was done in 3 days. As for the feedback, I didn't really have any pre-determined expectations. I just knew that I wanted to make some really groundbreaking and truly dope Hiphop music.

  2. Did you have to brush up on your Cantonese skills before writing the songs to this album?

    I think what surprised alot of people, my parents included, is the actual caliber of Cantonese I am speaking on these tracks. Granted, it will no way be as polished and proper as an individual who was born and raised in Hong Kong, but it is passable.

  3. What does this album mean to you in terms of breaking new ground and introducing something different in the progression of Asian Americans in hip-hop?

    It means a whole lot to me. Hiphop is obviously continuing to grow as a global culture, especially in the Asian communities, in and out of the states. This project in a sense is the bridge between the two divides. Here, you have a Chinese-American who is truely in tune with his cultural heritage yet was raised in an environment where the elements of Hiphop were at it's most authentic levels.

  4. You have said before that it's not about the movement and just about making good music. Do you still feel that way knowing that Asian American artists don't really have a scene to call their own yet?

    I don't think I said it was not about the movement, did I? I probably meant that beyond the "movement" it's also about making good music. Which I happen to feel more and more like that's the biggest part of it.

  5. You've performed at many shows before, which city was the most live and memorable performance for you?

    It's always live out on the westcoast. They party different than on the east. Actually, one of the most memorable events I recall was in Toronto. My first ever performance in Canada. It was nuts.

  6. Do you feel that club DJs in the Asian party scene have the duty to break Asian American artists rather than to limit music from just mainstream?

    I don't think they are obligated to but I don't knock any DJ that feels like they want to support the movement. To me, all DJs should play what they feel is good music. Bottomline.

  7. Have DJs been showing love in regards to your music lately?

    If you're referring to club DJs, it's hard to really gauge. The records I make sometimes may be more conceptual, which may not fit the soundscape they're looking for when DJing parties.

  8. How do you think promoters can do more to create a bigger channel in this party scene?

    I think it's all about setting the trends as opposed to following them. The key? You gota zero in on your core demo and find out what they like and don't like.

  9. What about the surge in Youtube videos and Myspace popularity; do you think that's helping the artist get more visible or just creating more junk just to keep up with the times?

    It's a combination of both I'd say. The internet in general can be a very powerful and useful tool for artists both known and unknown if utilized properly.

  10. Where can we get a copy of your album?

    ABC is in stores now. Head to your local record shop and ask for it. If they don't have it, tell them to order it! Or you can check out for more info.

  11. Thanks for taking the time out with Clubzen. What do you have in store for the near future?

    No problem! Thanks for the support. As for the upcoming months, more good music! I'm also in development with this great independent film idea that was presented to me recently. Stay tuned!

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