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 DJ NameDJ Laibi
 From/HometownBern / Switzerland
 Websites:DJ Laibi
TrueStar Managemant
 created onThu, Feb 10,2005
 ResidenciesOxa Club - Z
 Type of music you spin?House
 Type of equipment can you provide?Mixer, Turntable
DJ Interview
 When did you start DJing?January 1999
  - tell us about yourself
Laibi`s way to the DJ began completely more unspektakulaer. It knew the clubs first as a visitor. By a colleague, even also DJ, he came however on the taste to bring the plates to the rotation. With this colleague he rented an area, which was used for practicing. The first appearance followed already soon, in the youth club Schoenbuehl. The resonance on its being able motivated it for continuing. Each black horse now into new plates one invested. And it spent each free minute in the exercise area. By coincidence he learned Chris, better well-known than DJ Christopher S. A friendship and a Laibi resulted accompanied Chris to its Bookings often crosswise from Switzerland. Also Laibi could register more and more reservations: In clubs like "The Temple" and "Quo Vadis" he presented now repeatedly. Also at the well-known "Comet OF House" it was allowed to prove a its being able. In the year 2001 Christopher S accomplished its "Houseflowers route". For Laibi it was a large honour to be allowed to along-mix. Now also different organizers on Laibi became attentively. Bookings followed to the "Houseplosion" in Zurich and "Full House" in Berne. Since beginning this yearly stands now for Laibis homepage in the InterNet and it is also Switzerland far booked, as for example in the famous OXA club, Le club and Groovin House Caf
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 Contact NameTrueStar Management
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