DJ Profile

 DJ NameAutumn Knife
 Real NameChowdai
 Websites:Band Of Brothers
Kitchen Entertainment
 created onSun, Jan 23,2005
 Crews/AffilationsKitchen Entertainment
 Type of music you spin?Hip-Hop/Rap, Korean, Japanese, Rock/Pop
-- Hip Hop and Alternative Hybrids on occasion.
 Type of equipment can you provide?Turntable, Mixer, CD Player, Speakers, Lazer/Scanner, Fog Machine
-- Numark CDN95 Numark DM1295 w/ sampler JBL Speakers Fog Hog Fog Machine
DJ Interview
 When did you start DJing?January 2003
  - tell us about yourself
I'm cool.
 How did you get into DJing?Best Friend had a cd mixer.
 What do you love most about DJing?Everything.
 What is your most memorable DJing
My first party.
 What are you future goals as a DJ?No real ones.
 What do you do when you are not
Music Producer/ Ghost Writer/ Web Design/ Hardcore Gaming
 Shout outs!DJ Chex Mix, J.Amazin, Shift, Strike
Booking Info
 Contact NameChowdai
 Phone-- please register to view --
 Email-- please register to view --

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