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 DJ NameDj 5witcH.HitteR
 Real NameJaison Reno Switchblade
 From/HometownJersey City, NJ
 Websites:My Site
Delineation Digital Media
 created onTue, Nov 24,2009
 Crews/AffilationsDelineation Digital Media , Rockstar Status Productions , Asylum Guild , DisturbancE Unit Productions
 ResidenciesAsylum Guild(NJ), Euphoria(NYC), No Name Entertainment Movement(NYC)
 Type of music you spin?Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, Rock/Pop, House, Techno, Jungle, Japanese, Latin, Other
-- Industrial, Goth, Eurohouse, Electro. and willing to spin just about any genre out there.
 Type of equipment can you provide?CD Player, Mixer
-- I'm a former vinyl DJ gone CDs due to the high demand.
DJ Interview
 When did you start DJing?July 1992
  - tell us about yourself
Imagine taking a kid and teaching him how to dj hip-hop and house music.
Then have him learn the lost art of beat-matching and battle scratching. Then show him the harsh sounds of industrial and noise. Imagine...just what kind of mind-altering insanity he can release!

Hailing from the "Chilltown" known to many as Jersey City, NJ, he is a jack of all trades and a master of the fine art of killing his dance floor with sheer exhausting rhymic sounds, Jai makes it a point to figure out just what the crowd wants, and makes sure they overdose on it. Not content till he's driven his dance floor into the ground with exhaustion, .5witcH. has been making himself known in the ranks of the Asylum Guild inmates. He's a loaded Revolver just waiting to pop off a few rounds into whatever kind of music his crowd may want to hear.

The only question, now, is:
Why haven't you booked him yet?
 How did you get into DJing?I started DJing with my cousin DJ Audio-Bugout when I was a kid, doing house parties and small social events(private) spinning hiphop and house. I left the scene for awhile and then came back into it when DJ Dyztort asked me to try my hand at spinning Industrial and Techno on CD Decks. I've pretty much refused to stop since then.
 What do you love most about DJing?I love to entertain a crowd and get people dancing. I enjoy spinning and watching the floor pack up with people. And, on occasion, I'm known to jump onto the dancefloor while spinning, only to go back up and continue spinnin. I rev people up!
 What is your most memorable DJing
When my brother and I started a party called Asylum Guild, we didn't think it would last. But in April of 2006, the party became one of NYC's only weekly standing Industrial Dance parties, pulling in about 200 people a night into a small venue known as The Pyramid. The first time that happened, I have to say was the most fun I had ever had while DJing. It was so packed and everybody was having so much fun that we went beyond the designated time to close the club.
 What are you future goals as a DJ?I plan on getting into the whole Controller-Interface DJ setup. I miss spinning on Vinyl right now. I'm working on starting up various other nights and events and making myself more known as the hardest working half-flamer in this or any scene!
 What do you do when you are not
I work with two friends on a business venture known as Delineation Digital Media, specializing in graphic editing and photography.
 Shout outs!Damion Howard, Binx, Dj SoLiTuDe, Nef Phlegm, Dj Nick Diablo, Anti-FM Radio, Dj Dyztort, Assault, Cenotype...if I missed someone, it's cause I know too many!
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 Contact NameJaison Switchblade
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